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Ola’s norske side er flyttet til

Ronny is bored at work

March 18th, 2014


Ola would also have been training for the “Birken” ski competition if he was bored at work, but he is not. The people Ola meet gives him enough excitement. Last week Ola met this software developer, Ronny. Ronny is bored at work and told Ola about his hobby over a beer.

Ola started their conversation with two sentences about his work and one question:

–So what do you like best about your job?

–My spare time. Ronny takes a slug of beer.

–Sure. Let’s hear it. Ola smiles encouraging.

–Thursday I told my wife, “I’ll pop out for a jog in the woods with my boys.” She gave me a worried look, maybe because last thursday I came home with this… Ronny pulls up a trouser leg and shows Ola a yellow and blue swollen knee.

–Shaite! That looks like the swedish flag! Says Ola.

–I am not in the WOODS you know. Ronny shows all his teeth in a grin.
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Urban Skiing

January 31st, 2014


During lunch today I made a cross country skiing trip in our local park call “Ola Narr”.

Skannet bilde 10-01

Camp Rising Sun Alumni Norway New Year Dinner 2014

January 5th, 2014


Do not forget to find 1 applicant for Camp and remember the projects we are going to help each other with.Camp Rising Sun Alumni Norway New Year Dinner in the White House of Rodeløkka. Attendees Hilde Maren Schjager, Karina Birkeland Lome, Yasaman Melody Moussavi, Catherine Hoai Nguyen, Tonje Sværen Hamre, Balder Bryn Morsund, Johanne Fürst Mustad, Kristine Gran Martinsen, Simon Peter Strand Doupovec, Inga Semmingsen and Steffen Rachou.

Hvilket bilde liker du best?

Uten navn-2

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A mingle link Ola picked before the event

January 2nd, 2014


A link Ola picked before the event to send to people after the event.

Your best choice is to send an email right away. Your worst choice is to not send an email. If your email is written and waiting to be sent…

Don´t expect an answer on your first, or second email. Make sure Ronny expects to get another email from you though.

Kick Technique

January 1st, 2014


A youtube video about a kicking technique you may use even with an injured knee is totally ok as long as Ola sends it soon.


Ola will be sending the first mingle message the first chance he gets. Ola knows for every hour he waits, the risk increases that he will not send that mingle message. Ola is known to have sent a mingle message with his phone while the person is still standing beside him watching with a smile.

Your best choice is to send a mingle message now, or risk not sending it ever.