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Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson

July 23rd, 2012


You should read this book because it contains true stories from Steves life. Relationships with friends and especially employees. Why did the people around Steve accomplish such fantastic product development feats?

After reading the book I understand more. One example is “Steve´s reality distortion field”. Several people working with him mentioned Steves ability to convince the groupe they would be able to produce results they themselves thought to be impossible. This is hard to do with your own business.

What you CAN do is make a decision to create insanely great products. Steve learned this from his father. “…a real craftsman uses good wood even for the parts that are hidden.” In our days a great product is the only starting place for a lasting great marketing strategy. Or else you will be found out.

Is Your Product Mediocre?

Maybe you should get the hell out of Dodge city, as some people say here in the USA. And fast! If you want to find out how to quit your job and start doing something you love for a living. You may check out our fifth podcast about the book “Screw Work Let’s Play: How to Do What You Love and Get Paid for it?” by John Williams.

About the biography

Steve told the author: “write what you believe to be true, do not think about how I will react.” My feeling is that the author really did write the stories the way he believed them to be true. Most of the stories put Steve in a bad light.

Listen, buy, read and get wise

Listen to Tom Erik and me talking about the book for 23 minutes on the Bookcasting Podcast.

Buy the book by clicking on the picture below:

The author have also written an article in The Harvard Business Review “The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs”

Here is a creativity quote from Walter Isaacsons “Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs” (Harvard Business Review).


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