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Tell People About Your Job

January 16th, 2012


Just a few people gets paid to beat up bad guys.

People should do more of the work they are really good at. Soon you are going to practice in the wild. I will now explain how I practice, but first a little practice at home. I have just introduced myself to a young woman and quickly explained what I do at work. Then I focus on her. She tells me what she really likes about her job. She is making a living as an unlicensed boxer. That is, she does illegal bare knuckle boxing matches, and makes money from the audience doing illegal gambling. She tells me what the work really entails and what the most important skills are. I am listening between the lines for something she is not happy about. In other words her unmet need. I have three questions lined up: Read more

You must Practice to Feel Peoples Pain

January 2nd, 2012


Some animals are good with body language, people can be harder to read. That is why Miss Mingle practices feeling peoples pain to understand their needs. The shorter path to reaching your goals is understanding other peoples needs. And then trying to help them: Connecting him to a relevant expert. Give him a book or article with valuable insight about his need or a solution to it.

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