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Obamas Body Language vs. Romneys

October 5th, 2012



You did not watch the Presidental debate Obama vs. Romney? You should have!


It was a sound lesson in how important your performance of the message is. Barrys body language sucked!

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Stephen King, JFK and time travel

February 4th, 2012


Cape Cod Life

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Is not the question this book tries to answer, but rather how to stop the assasination? Jake is an english professor on a mission. Along the way he learns to take any tools he finds to get the job down. Because as Jake says “the future is not malevolent it just does not want to be changed”. A beautiful picture is beeing painted of the World Ago, late fifties and early sixties. A more trusting America. And it is SO believable I want to go there for a four month holiday. I Have read you a couple of my favorite quotes.

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