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Meetings Booked in Norway and the USA:

You may let me book meetings for you. You will meet decision makers in companies that look like your most valuable customer. They will expect you to sell them. No cure, no pay.

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Course: I help sell a workshop that makes your employees more productive and less stressed. Jørn Kippersund will show up in your office and teach your employees the worlds simplest most implementable technique to get more time in “flow”. It is called Inbox Control and the price is NOK 25 000.

Personal Engineer: Benedicte Raae is a civil engineer of information technology by education. She helps people make decisions about IT and help them set up their webpage on WordPress. Read more on her webpage.  The price is NOK 13 000.

Sales Training Buddy

I help people sell a little more. Doing the actual sales with them, just like a training buddy. I help you when the lifting gets heavy. Together we decide what activities you should do less of to make time for the most value creating sales activities. This is how we build on your sales strengths.

Interviews With Your Best Customers

Your best customer in Norway is too polite to tell you the dark little thoughts she hides in her heart. How much could you improve her experience if you knew the little things she hate about you? Or even dislike just a little? Did you know that norwegians feel uncomfortable praising people to their face, while sober? Some of us do it anyway, but it is SO much easier to tell somebody else, especially if they ask us. That is what I do. I make an appointment, show up, make your customer feel comfortable, get them talking and when the moment is right i drop the question in juuust the right place. To them it will feel like a conversation, to you it will look like actionable knowledge. The price is NOK 950 per hour.

Branded Education in Mingling, Content Based Marketing and Sales

I do internal courses and lectures. Your company get the credit.