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Say Your Name Like James Bond

January 3rd, 2012


You can do as me. I practice saying my name in front of a mirror at home. Standing seven steps away from my largest mirror. I smile. I start walking with decisive steps toward my own reflection. I extend my right hand on the second step.  

Looking into the left eye of my mirror-self while walking.


I say:

“My name is Vea, Ola Vea. What is your name?”

Right before I say it, I make a mental picture of the last person I helped. I am going to make the life of the person I am meeting better. I let her hear that golden future in the tone of my voice. Frances Cole Jones tip from her book “How to Wow,” is to imitate self presentations of actors in movies. Like for example Sean Connery in James Bond. Now that saying my own name is out of the way, I focus on my imaginary conversational partner. The magic word she will hear is her first name. To get familiar with her name, I repeats it three times silently while she is saying her last name. I say her first name in the first sentence. My long term goal of the conversation is to reach the natural moment to drop the question, “So, what do you do for a living?” We will come back to this in the next blogpost. Now it is time to practice in front of a mirror:

  1. Smile.
  2. Walk with decisive steps.
  3. Right hand out on the second step.
  4. Look into the left eye.
  5. Say: “My name is Bond, James Bond. What is your name?”
  6. Make a mental picture of the last person you helped. Warm your voice with that golden future.

Tasks of the Hour:

  1. Practice walking and saying your name with confidence. Do it sixteen times, I am not kidding :-D.
  2. Practice repeating peoples first names while they say their last name. This you will practice “live” not in front of a mirror.

Next blogpost is: You must Practice to Feel Peoples Pain.


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