Welcome aboard «T/S Paper Programmer»! Here's what to expect next....



Welcome aboard «T/S Paper Programmer» our pink and yellow pyrate ship.

I’m Ola Vea (43 🖖😺), and I wanted to personally thank you for joining our crew.

Some crew members end up practicing better on one core skill at work, after joining us in practicing programming playfuller on paper. Other crew members just enjoy some playfull practice time at home.

Want to do the same? The first step is to grab paper and your favourite pen and write down a list of names. A long list of names of family, friends and neighbours who are slightly more playfull than you, but not much playfuller. Finding the right tester for YOU and your play-prototype makes your practice playfuller than you think.

You can either print out The 1–2–3 Prototype Cheatsheet For Pyrate Princesses Programming GatsbyJS on Paper attached or just look at it on your screen. There are three tasks on the cheatsheet, but just do number 1 for now 😺👍

If you ever need help, just reply directly on any email. My Number-One-Playfullest-Tester Lillian (6 🦄🏴‍☠️) and I are happy to lend a hand or introduce you to another more senior helper.

Next, we look at how to create a page with the path date (❤️) from each of my old wordpress blog posts. And if that last sentence made little sense to you, don't worry, be happy 😺.

Yo-Ho-Ho! Until next time!

Ola Vea (43 😺🏴‍☠️) Skipper and Paper Programmer by night. And Junior GatsbyJS Programmer on POW! by day.

P.S. Over the next several weeks, I’ll send you chapter one of the BETA children's picture book Lillian (6 👑🏴‍☠️) and I are co-creating as our paper prototype.

Here is a summary of how the story might go when the book is finished:

On the verge of horrible house arrest a reckless young lady learns her half sister is a princess, revealing anti-playfull Mary as the evil Queen behind the house arrest. Time: summer of 1554. Location: London Bridge.

Our Reckless Hero sails her TimeShip to the far future and teams up with a Junior GatsbyJS Programmeress to rescue her royal half sister from house arrest. Time: summer of 2033. Location: Our back yard, Rodeløkka, Oslo Norway.

Back on London Bridge the rescue attempt goes badly and Our Reckless Hero accidentally gets her half sister imprisoned for treason in The Tower of London. Because of a bunch of bugs in the GatsbyJS code of her TimeShip. So to save her sister Our Reckless Hero must learn to practice programming playfuller to get her TimeShip working the right way. Or she will not outsmart anti-playfull Queen Mary 1 and stop her from getting away with locking up a lot of Londoners she is jealous of or just don’t like.

line 24 later If you want you can wait with the list-of-ideas-for-tester thing and jump straight into the first paper coding tiny task, just click on this link

© Ola "Play-fu" Vea 2021