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You Need Neil‘s New Novel: Norse Mythology

April 29th, 2017


odin 7.3-

Smooth with the ladies, is an understatement when talking about the Odin we meet in Neil Gaiman‘s new novel Norse Mythology:

The smell of the mead of poetry was heady on the air.

“Just the tiniest of sips,” she told him. “For three poems about my beauty
that will echo down through the ages.”

“Of course, my darling.” Bolverkr, who was Odin, grinned in the darkness. If she had been looking at him then, she would have known something was wrong.


Promising, promising. I got the book on actual paper for my birthday:

You can listen to the first five minutes of the book, read by Neil himself:

Listen to a taste of Norse Mythology

odin 7.4-

odin 7.5-

The drawing is inspired by the front page of an old edition of “Håvamål”, poems filled with advice about how to live your life with wisdom and dignity. The poems are believed to be written by Odin himself.

odin 7.6-

I must admit my level of expectation is high after reading Gaiman’s book “American Gods” while traveling the US east coast for 3 months with my girlfriend.

We were on a bus to NYC to stay at a friends house when Superstorm Sandy hit and cut power. It fit with the feeling of The Brewing Storm in the book.

We even got a tiny taste ourselves when, the bus had to cut it´s own lights, air con and power that night to save gas while we waited for the traffick to calm down. We where parked beside a closed convenience store and the vending machines were out of power to. Poetic.

You can listen to five minutes of the book, read by George Guidall. It is a job interview the protagonist is doing to work for Wednesday, who is Odin:

Listen to a taste of American Gods

Click on the photo to buy the book.

Click on the photo to buy the book.

Bolverkr is norse for “worker of terrible things” if you wondered.

The type I use in my illustration is The Sketchnote Typeface by Mike Rohde Designer. Author: The Sketchnote Handbook & The Sketchnote Workbook. Illustrator: REWORK, REMOTE, $100 Startup, Founder @SketchnoteArmy

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