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A New Climate Action Hope

March 30th, 2013



A short time ago in a capital not so far away…



Episode IV


It is a period of climate inaction. Rebel companies, deciding to take climate matters in their own hands by commercializing cleaner technologies, have won their first victory against the evil Fossil Fuel Empire.

During a whole weekend of non stop hacking, rebel technologists have made a working prototype of a tool to counter the Fossil Fuel Empire´s pacifying weapons of mass media.

The tool the rebels made, the MingleApp, is based on a knowledge sharing proccess with enough power to destroy your most climate damaging habits. Like driving your fossil car to work. You may download the MingleApp from the App Store right now if you have 49 NOK and an iPhone.

app 2013.04.06 app mingle vader 2

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister pacification agents, Princess Kari races home to Majorstua aboard the subway, struggeling to keep up her new climate friendly habits that can help save lives by reducing her carbon footprint. Kari knows the only way to change the counter productive climate policies of her government is the hard way. First she must encourage voters that she knows care enough about climate action to change their climate habits. The encouraging must happen by showing them her good example of continuing her healthy climate habits. Then she must educate her climate friends continually so that they don´t give up their climate healthy habits. After that she may persuade her carbon reduced friends to vote for a climate friendly politician in september. This might scare the fossil fuel empire. Loosing votes for their puppet politicians is a language the fossil fuel empire understands.

Help Kari educate her climate friends by pasting your most positive climate link in the comments field below.


You may download the MingleApp from the App Store right now if you have 49 NOK and an iPhone. Click on the black icon below.



Or you may check the MingleApp out on the interwebs. Click on the MingleApp.


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  1. April 2nd, 2013

    Run a carbon footprint calculator to figure out what changes you can make to be the most efficient rebel helper:

    • olavea #
      April 2nd, 2013

      Oi! Oi! This was a good climate link.

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