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My First #lillygram User Interview

June 1st, 2013



Last week I did our first user interview. I went to the offices of the father of a friend of Benedicte and me. We will call him Arnold. Arnold and me sat down in lime green designer chairs sorrounded by glass walls. Outside the glass walls was the busy office of the successful company Arnold co-founded and still owns a large portion of. Was it a secretary who knocked and entered with to cups of coffee and a smile? It is hard to tell, but the coffee was good.

Arnold told me a little about how he started out working with technology back in the day. He asked me what I wanted to talk to him about. I said #lillygram. Then I put a #lillygram with colorful pictures of a smiling baby holding a a baby shovel on the glass table. Arnold picked it up and said:

“If these were photos of my granddaughter I would want to be able to answer this #lillygram.”

He contiuned speaking very rapidly. I either want to:

  • say, “Thank you”,
  • send back a picture of my own,
  • tell a story about something fun I have done,
  • or tell a story about the great experience of looking at the #lillygram photos.

Arnold went on to tell me what technology he preferred to use to communicate with his kids who are my age. The telephone.

I was writing furiously, almost unreadable words. You might think it is wrong to call this a user interview as Arnold is not using #lillygram. I hate to tell you this, but nobody is using #lillygram yet. According to the book “Lean Analytics” #lillygram is now at the “Empathy Stage” and “…our job is to get inside someone else´s head.” Read more about this by clicking on the “head” sentence. My goal with the meeting was to get some ideas about what kind of questions I need to ask to get into the heads of our future customers. I will write a blogpost about the interview guide later. So Did I learn about what quesitons to put in my interview guide? Yes. Did I get into someone else´s head? Yes! Will we build a way to answer the #lilygram? Well that is not up to me, is it? I am building the tribe, not the technology.

That night I reported my findings to CEO of #lillygram, Benedicte Raae. She has been a coding for some years and went to Norway´s finest engineering school to get her master degree in computer engineering. She has a handful of iPhone apps under her belt, many of the made for parents of babies and little children. Benedicte and I discussed what technology WE prefer when “talking” to OUR parents while taking a sunshine walk from Rodeløkka to Tøyen. We were on our way to an exclusive barbeque at the veranda of the Stone Age Man, his Stone Age Woman and their Stone Age Dog, Sylfest. The Aspargus wrapped in bacon were delicious guys! And the company was also great.

Now that you finished reading the whole blogpost, this question should not come as a surprise to you:

    What technology do YOU prefered when “talking” with YOUR parents?

Please contribute to making #lillygram useful for families around the world by writing the name of your fav. family technology in the comments below:

Lilly 2.1.1 ferdig til blogg

This is Lilly

Lilly will print your #lillygrams and mail them to the homes of your family. A #lillygram is an instagram picture you have hashtagged #lillygram.


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  1. June 3rd, 2013

    Hi Ola! Glad you liked the bacon wrapped asparagus!

    I just love how you’re closing the gap between generations with this service. The young people can use their favorite app, while the not so young anymore can stay in touch without learning any technology!

    Now, to your question. I communicate with my own parents using anything from real life and telephone to whatsapp, fb, and even snapchat! My grand parents, however, that’s a whole different ball game. While they can receive SMS and might even reply, they do appreciate a phone call or visit. And they love seeing recent photos!

    For me personally, I would say that a personal visit is the best communication “technology”. However, when my grand parents all live out of town, that is not happening very frequent.

    • June 10th, 2013

      Visits really is the best “technology”.

      I am courious, have you tried sending pictures to your grandparents in any way?

  2. Henrik #
    June 3rd, 2013

    In my family we use Skype chat to talk to the part of the family that leaves abroad, either in group chat or person to person. But for the part of family that’s still in Oslo, we use phone occationaly and family gatherings around birthdays and Xmas to meet. Maybe we also see eachother on Facebook. But it would be nice to stay in touch with photor or short messages once in a while. Ofcourse. To my father I call on the phone.

    Henrik, 36

  3. Rakib #
    June 4th, 2013

    Med familie er det telefon, skype og viber som er i bruk.

    • June 10th, 2013

      Det høres ut som det talte ord funker best for dere :D Har du noe erfaring med å sende bilder?

  4. Marit Letnes #
    June 14th, 2013

    Skype og telefon. Foreldrene mine elsker å snakke med barnebarna som bor i en annen del av landet via skype. De har avtalt triks med foreldrene og imponerer smårollingene med avansert rosin-teleportering, for eksempel. Morfar kan “sende” rosiner gjennom skjermen fra Molde og svigersønn finner de igjen på ulike steder i Asker. :)

    • olavea #
      June 15th, 2013

      For all you non-norwegians, I will translate this great comment before answering it.
      “Skype and thelephone. My parents love to talk with their grand children via skype. Their grandchildren live in another part of the country. Teleportation of rasins is an example of a trick they use to impress the little ones. Grandfather will “send” a rasin through the screen from Molde and the son in law will find the raisin on differnt hiding places in the apartment in Asker. :) This magic raisin trick is avtalt in advance.

      My answer is:
      I have a feeling that the baby boomer generation prefer synchronous communication like skype or telephone. I know my mother does. I send her some photos on e-mail. Have anybody else tried this?

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