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Flow Hacker Learning and Marketing <—–– 13 books ––—>

April 25th, 2018


<—–– 13 books starts here ––—>

–Practice Like This!: 35 Effective Ways to Get Better Faster Jonathan Harnum PhD
–Mastery Robert Greene
–The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast! Josh Kaufman
–Thinking, Fast and Slow PDF Daniel Kahneman

–The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It John Jantsch
–Leap First: Creating Work That Matters Seth Godin
–Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

–Networking for People Who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected Devora Zack

–Rework Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson
–The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
–Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal
–Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted WorldPDF Cal Newport

Practice Like This!: 35 Effective Ways to Get Better Faster
Jonathan Harnum PhD
Jonathan Harnum

Jonathan Harnum

<—–– 13 books ends here ––—>

<—–– More books starts here ––—>

17 flow triggers

–The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance Josh Waitzkin
–The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself John Jantsch
–48 Laws of Power Robert Greene
–Save the Cat! Strikes Back PDF Blake Snyder
–Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional’s Guide to Growing a Practice, Fifth Edition Alan Weiss
–Fools and Mortals: A Novel Bernard Cornwell

–The Rise of The Creative Class: And How It’s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life
PDF Richard Florida

–The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business Josh Kaufman
–The Ranger Way: Living the Code on and off the Battlefield Kris Paronto
–Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story Arnold Schwarzenegger
–The Elements of Style: 60 Minutes to Better Writing & Grammar Professor William Strunk Jr.
–On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Stephen King

–The Stand Stephen King

–Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Doris Kearns Goodwin
–The Five Love Languages: Men’s Edition: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate
–Self-Reliance Ralph Waldo Emerson
–Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates Tom Robbins

–A Ship of the Line By: C. S. Forester
–Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Signature Performance by Elijah Wood
Mark Twain
–Heart of Darkness: A Signature Performance by Kenneth Branagh Joseph Conrad
–The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton

–SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs John Jantsch, Phil Singleton
–Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne
–Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
–The Launch Pad: Inside Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s Most Exclusive School for Startups Randall Stross
–The Key to Study Skills: Simple Strategies to Double Your Reading, Memory, and Focus Lev Goldentouch, Anna Goldentouch, Suraj Sharma
–Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Ashlee Vance
–Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins
–The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution Walter Isaacson
–Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think Steven Kotler, Peter H. Diamandis
–Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone Mark Goulston
–Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead Sheryl Sandberg
–Mindfulness @ Work: A Leading with Emotional Intelligence Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn
–Art of War Niccolo Machiavelli
–The Art of War Sun Tzu
–The Art of War Sun Tzu
–The Art of War Sun Tzu
–Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
–Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Walter Isaacson

–Purpose-Centered Selling: Focusing on What Matters Most Jim R. Munchbach
–Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Seth Godin
–We Are All Weird: The Myth of Mass and the End of Compliance Seth Godin
–Pavane Keith Roberts
–The Prince: The Strategy of Machiavelli Niccolò Machiavelli
–How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In Jim Collins
–The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Malcolm Gladwell
–Jurgen James Branch Cabell
–The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies – How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths Michael Shermer
–The Mindful Therapist: A Clinician’s Guide to Mindsight and Neural Integration Daniel J. Siegel
–The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses Eric Ries

Doodles For the Lilly Labs Newsletter

February 10th, 2016


I made some doodles yesterday.




Kick Technique

January 1st, 2014


A youtube video about a kicking technique you may use even with an injured knee is totally ok as long as Ola sends it soon.


Ola will be sending the first mingle message the first chance he gets. Ola knows for every hour he waits, the risk increases that he will not send that mingle message. Ola is known to have sent a mingle message with his phone while the person is still standing beside him watching with a smile.

Your best choice is to send a mingle message now, or risk not sending it ever.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 22nd, 2013


In january I will publish the blogpost “15 Minutes Training in Front of a Mirror Will Help You Confidently Meet New Contacts in the New Year.”

It is based on feedback from friends on my most popular norwegian blogpost. Those I have talked to who have taken the 15 minutes to apply the training have seen good results. Here is a rough translation of that blogpost published january last year:

Say your name like James Bond would have said it

Kill Kittens on the Internet and Face the Consequences

October 18th, 2013


Photo of black kitten with wings and little white fangs.

Photographer unknown, click photo for link.

Every time you send SPAM a kitten dies on the internet.
The Bat Cat is a night time animal prowling the internet for evil doers. Those that kill kittens will get a visit by the bat cat one night. The bat cat will settle patiently into the kitten killer’s phone. The phone will one day start running slowly and really irritate the kitten killer.

The Bat Cat is sculpture of a winged cat.

Support the Bat Cat, buy a sculpture at $24.00. Click the photo, click “Sculpture”, scroll down.

Bat Cat knuckle ring 398.53 NOK

Hit evil doers in the mouth with this Bat Cat knuckle ring 398.53 NOK. Click the photo.