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Lilly and Arty Goes to …

March 19th, 2018


–I need to find them a good front end dev. Benedicte Raae said in the kitchen.

Lilly (13) was in her room listening while she tinkered with her … droid.
–Arty, my mother is helping a very important customer to meet good front end developers so one of them might start working for my mothers customer. Lilly said.
–Yes Lilly, could you please put my eye back? Arty answered.
–She told me it is tough because the british navy has been recruiting very aggressively these past years. Said Lilly.
–So what are you thinking? Arty asked.
–We know some good front end devs, don’t we? What about ms Solo, she is good. Let’s call her and ask what she is working on these days. Lilly said.
–I am opening a video link to Hack Solo as we speak. Ah! She is responding. Here we go!
–Oops! Lilly said.
–Is that her cat? Arty asked.
–Yes and he doesn’t look happy. Lilly said.
–I’ll turn on google voice translate so you can talk to him. Said Arty.

(bilde med chewbacca)

–Yo! Cat! Stop whining and tell us what is up. Lilly said.
–They abducted her and froze her down! The enormous furry cat screamed.
(/bilde med chewbacca)

–Who abducted her? Lilly said.
–That slimy little sea slug Jabba the Hack. The cat growled.
–Where can we find her? Lilly said.
–Right down the river from your house. Jabba has her pirate ship tied up at the wharf by the White Skull Theater, but she will sail on the first tide. The cat said.
–Not a minute to loose then. To the Terror! Lilly shouted and pushed Arty out the back door.

–Main sail up! Look lively there! Lilly shouted shaking her fist at Arty.

vanlig smil på Jabba


(Bilde med Jabba og Grey beard)
–Two for the price of none! I am the best deal maker on the seven seas. Jabba said to Gray Beard.
–Fire the aft gun to summon our british friend. I am suddenly in a money making mood. Jabba said.
–Aargh. Said Gray Beard.


–The british are coming. Lilly said.
–Ooops! Arty said.
–We must get out. Hey yellow droid what is your name? Lilly said.
–Richard Shakespear, but my friends call me «Rich». Your ladyship . (Bows and scrapes).
–Well Rich we are your newest friends. Could you please pass me those keys? Lilly said.
–The pleasure would be all mine sweet lady, if you just answer me one question first. Said Richard.
–Sure aske away but please hurry! Lilly said.
–Pardon me for asking sweet lady, but what specifically is in it for me? Said Richard.
–What do you think he wants most Arty? Lilly said.
–Gold… Arty said.
–Ah! How predictable and pedestrian. Lilly said.
–Well…Richard said while blushing.
–Art show him. Lilly said.

–Great! Now what? Arty said.

–Richard you talked about your friends. Now would be a good time to get them here, help us hoist Hack Solo on deck inside a blanket and then stage a diversion while we sail like smoke and oakum in the Terror. Can you and your friends pull that off? Lilly said.

–Give me the gold first. Richard said.
–No. First hoisting and diversion. Then gold. Lilly said.
–Ok malady. Richard said.


–Let’s go home and melt Hack Solo down in my mothers kitchen. Lilly said.

–Wow your friends REALLY know how to put on a good diversion. Lilly said.
–Thank you lady. We are professional players at the White Skull Theater, the best in London, if i must say so myself. You should come by a saturday, I could take you both backstage to meet my brother he writes some of our plays. Richard said.

–Here is your gold. Lilly said.

It is our job to blow things up and make peolple believe

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