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Find Another Useful Link

Your goal is to help a person in some way that person wants to be helped. For example share a link to information the recipient will find useful. Do not share a link that is “selling” your message. This is not the time for propaganda..

Mingle Training is Doing, Not Reading. Let´s Go!

  • Find a bit of information you have read these last three weeks that may be experienced as useful.
  • Next time you find a little nugget of useful information, paste the link into your share list in your favorite note taking tool.


You have successfully completed your first training session of mingle technique “5. Find Another Useful Link.” Now you may spend two minutes assesing yourself.

Helping people makes you happier!

I give away books to help people, but that is with people I know well. You should start with sharing links. Read more about my style of mingling to help people in this blogpost: How Do You Help People You Meet?

Help Us

Please help us make this app useful for people like you. Click for more info on how to help or write about your first impression in the comments field below. Skriv gjerne på norsk hvis du foretrekker det.

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