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A Story About Stats on Your Pretend Personal Dev Blog

February 15th, 2021


We’ll pretend you are doing some GatsbyJS-style work on your personal dev blog. And we’ll pretend you ask yourself:

«Self, what would happen if you stopped collecting gobs of personal data about your dev friends with google analytics?»

Let’s say you installed Benedicte’s Fathom Plugin. Then you could open a single Fathom dashboard and at a glance see your top content.

«Pop! Pop!»

Into your head pops two good ideas for blog posts. You decide to go with Idea Number One, because you just FEEL Idea Number One is a better idea for your dev friends. Your gut feeling is based on stats because your top content is right before your eyes and this new Idea Number One «rhymes» with som of it.

Why don’t you take Benedicte’s Fathom Plugin for a spin around your dev blog and see if it gives you clarity?

This next story is aaalmost without pretend in it.

A Story About Benedicte Using Fathom To Focus on Her Real Work And Not Being Distracted By Distracting Data

This time I will tell you a story aaalmost without pretend in it. A story about developer-Benedicte using her own Fathom Plugin and I will tell you in advance what the pretend part is. This story is based on a real website. The website has a real product, POW! the bleh bleh. The product has real customers. Pretend Alert! I will give one of the real customers a fake identity, because …. reasons. The fake identity is Princess Lizabeth (17), I hope you can handle a little sprinkle of glittery royalty 👑. 😺 If so, let’s go!

### A Long Time Ago,
### By a Bridge Far, Far Away ….

Princess Lizabeth (17) is sunning her white face and red hair on the pink deck of her sister smart little ship. Lizabeth is writing away in her end-to-end encrypted journal mostly about her menstrual cycles. But she is also writing about toxic relationships, like her hateful sister Mary. Now dear reader, instead of going into these powerfully personal details, I will urge you to ask yourself ONE question about data.

#### Question 1:
«Self, how much data is being reported back to developer-Benedicte by Fathom about Princess Lizabeth’s current writing activity?»

#### Answer 1:

#### Question 2:

#### Answer 2:

And nothing is Just Enough, because.

#### Question 3:
«What »