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Working on the Gatsbyjs Plugin In The Morning

August 2nd, 2018


Helping out Making a Gatsbyjs plugin

Some friends and me are making a plugin for photos and stuff in Gatsbyjs. The work I do is very basic, here I am testing out the ‘Read Me’ we have on github. You might know the friends, they are Benedicte Raae, Tom Erik Støwer and last but not least Martin Grimeland. The infamous MartinG.

Before starting:

I Checked My Version of the Code

Actually I didn’t. I went straight into the code on my own machine and tried to find ‘.then()’. I did a quick “Find” in the right file and when I couldn’t find it I Checked My Version of the Code.


Gatsbyjs Plugin Gatsbyjs Plugin Gatsbyjs Plugin


I changed my search term

Gatsbyjs Plugin

I changed my search term

‘.then()’ to

Noooob mistake to search for both ‘()’ together, what if there was something between! Like for example (something).

Yeah people I spent my whole 24 minute breakfast code practice session looking around in different branches on and looking in several files. Better luck after I have walked Lillian to ‘Frisk Bris’.

Better Luck Later

Lillian and I am going to take her Green Dragon Bike downhill to ‘Frisk Bris’. ‘Frisk Bris’ is like a kindergarten for kids 2-5 and every day of the work week the go on a short trip. Some days they hop on the bus and go on a long trip to the forests of Ammerud or the Viking Museum at Bygdøy.

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