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You may learn about tribal marketing from religion

January 9th, 2012


Road block in Belfast Ireland

Excluding others give your tribe members the feeling og being more exclusive

The positive example:

Give people the choice: “Are you with us or are you against us?” There is nor middle ground. This kind of thinking leverages powerful emotional responses from the human brain. From the millions of years when we relied on our own tribe for survival. One example of “US or Them” is Steve Jobs successful implementation of the vision…

…of Apple going up against the evil IT giants. “If you are with us, you are agauinst IBM and Microsoft.” I met a guy I did not know well at the time. When he realized I had just bought an apple computer he said “Here, let me give you a hug.” Random hugging is not a common occurence among norwegian males. Especially not IT professionals.

The negative example

Sometimes the stakes might be your life instead of a hug, as in this example from Hitchens´ book which we are talking about in our most recent podcast. Hitchens tells us about a time he is approaching a road bloc in Belfast, Ireland. Where you might be aware catholic and protestants have been killing each other for quite some time. The armed guard at the road bloc askes what religion Hitchens adheres to. Whereupon Hitchens says “I am an ateist.” The guard anewers with a stern face “A catholic or protestant ateist?”


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  1. September 10th, 2012

    Yes it’s a good and fair comparison. Recall also the difference between Serbs and Croats, as Hitchens talked about. Religion as cultural identity is common. So is buying Apple products :-)

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