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How Usability Testing Can Help You Closer to DONE

December 13th, 2020


First we’ll look at the tasks I did in 8 steps, then we’ll look at why and when we do usability testing in our family business.

Skipper-Ola’s Usability Testing Tasks

  1. Prepares 
  2. Calls Martin G.
  3. Listens up!
  4. Takes notes
  5. Ships his prototype in SMS link
  6. Says “Tell me what you are doing” 
  7. Says “Thank you”
  8. Makes MartinG SketchNotes from notes, Right now for 90 minutes

8. is the most important to spend time on. I spent 90 minutes on 8 and 90 minutes on the other seven.

The point of this kind of usability testing is clarity. To make the 1-Job-Prototype clear for the one tester I am testing on, Martin G. So that Martin G. can go in, do the 1 job he is supposed to do without becoming distracted. And that is hard. It is suuuper hard to make a prototype that is easy-to-use. (

What Are the Eight Tasks of Usability Testing?

Let’s go to 1. Prepares.

1. Prepares 

Skipper-Ola’s Preparation Tasks For Usability Testing:

  • Sends warning to Martin G.
  • Finds two test dates.
  • Invites Martin G.
  • Writes a short script.
  • Tests 1-Job-Prototype on his own iPhone. (17:46)
  • Reminds Martin G.

2. Calls Martin G.

  • Calls
  • Smalltalks
  • “Are you alone?”
  • ” … and put your headset on.”

3. Listens Up!

  • Hearing accurate input
  • Listens actively
  • Gives UNDIVIDED attention
  • Immerses his mind in:
    • Voice and silences
    • Noises like a low “Grrrh!”

4. Takes Notes

Shuts up and writes down

5. Ships my prototype

  • I send SMS with a link to Marita’s prototype
  • “Did you click that SMS link?”

6. “Tell Me What You Are Doing.”

  • “I will read my script.”

7. Says “Thank You!”

  • Martin G. knows: VERY Valuable

8. Re-Works My Martin-G.-Notes

I sit and observe my thoughts on:

  • What Martin G. did
  • Remove:
    • Choices.
    • Distractions.
  • Make my 1-Job clearer for Martin G.

First thing: for 90 minutes:

  • I re-work my notes.
  • I capture fresh ideas.
  • I see my next task, so:

TODO: First find two good testing dates in your calendar

Why Usability Testing?

Benedicte has limited time and treasure.

So without doing usability testing timely, Benedicte cannot build to DONE. (See upcoming blog post on how I define DONE.)

Because nothing beats a real human trying to use Benedicte’s 1-Job-Prototype. To flush out ideas that don’t work.

When To Do Usability Testing?

  • As
  • Soon
  • As humanly
  • Possible

Feel Ready?

Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) Built a Backseat Prototype For Mum’s New Electric Cargo Bike


What do you do, when you want to go «Whee!» on mum’s new bike, but your back seat has yet to be delivered? Can Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) prototype the back seat instead?

Yes. She. Can!

Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) built a do-it-yourself saddlebag backseat prototype on mum’s new electric cargo bike. Because that’s how we roll our no-code prototyping in our family.

A Good Idea For The Prototype

Dad’s original idea was to fasten the saddlebags with gaffer’s tape. Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) had a better idea: String!
So we used string which leaves no marks on the bike.

Black Gaffer’s tape, 8 long strips, 8 short strips (bought: Jernia Carl Berner by Mommo and Lillian (5.5 🦄 )
Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) had a better idea: String! So we used string which leaves no marks.

Questions About Electric Cargo Bike Rental

What did daughter and father learn today? The answer comes further down, but first a few questions to you, dear reader. If you can answer yes to one of these questions, please send me a flag signal ola {@}

  1. Does your city have an electric cargo bike rental service like we have in Oslo, Norway?
  2. Do you have an electric cargo bike from a rental service? (And maybe you have a few tips for us.)
  3. Do you own an electric cargo bike? (And maybe you have a few tips for us.)
  4. Have you built a bike related prototype? (And maybe you want to share your story with us.)
  5. Have you guessed what movie an/or actor inspired this sketchnote of Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) sitting on the saddlebags?

(illustration CLOSE UP coming)

Today Lillian (5.5 🦄 ) Practiced No-Code Prototyping

-Cutting gaffer’s tape with siccors
-Cutting string tape with siccors

Today Dad Practiced No-Code Prototyping

-Bending and cutting cardboard
-Using gaffer’s tape with cardboard
-Taking photos from bike (😅)

Today Dad Learned About No-Code Prototyping

-Spend more time on building the actual prototype
-Spend less time on making drawings and notes about the prototype before building it. Because we never got time to measure ONE single thing.