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A New Climate Action Hope

March 30th, 2013



A short time ago in a capital not so far away…



Episode IV


It is a period of climate inaction. Rebel companies, deciding to take climate matters in their own hands by commercializing cleaner technologies, have won their first victory against the evil Fossil Fuel Empire.

During a whole weekend of non stop hacking, rebel technologists have made a working prototype of a tool to counter the Fossil Fuel Empire´s pacifying weapons of mass media.

The tool the rebels made, the MingleApp, is based on a knowledge sharing proccess with enough power to destroy your most climate damaging habits. Like driving your fossil car to work. You may download the MingleApp from the App Store right now if you have 49 NOK and an iPhone.

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Practice Your Mingle Technique? There is an app for that!

January 28th, 2013


This is a picture of icons I have printed on paper and cut out with scissors. It might not look pretty, but it IS old school. It is the kind of thing I did back in kindergarten. Do you wonder why I did this now? Ask about that or other things in the comments below. I will answer within 47 hours.

For some time now I have dreamt of writing av book. So why is it I find myself having started making an app instead? What can I say? I don´t really know why yet. Join me in making this app and maybe after a while you will understand why it is worth doing?

Maybe I Don´t Know WHY, But I Do Know What

If we succeed in making a useful app, I know WHAT we will have created together. A way to make it easier to practice mingle techniques, alone. I will explain later why it is beneficial for you to practice mingle techniques alone. Let me just say this.

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