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Screw Work Let’s Play, a Bookcast

August 27th, 2012


We had my favorite bostonian Andreas Dietzel on our podcast talking about one of my favorite books. “Screw Work Let´s Play”. This is a Do-It-Yourself book that showed me the first steps towards doing what I love on a full time basis. One important secret is, as the cover says, “… and get paid for it”.

I needed to get paid well in order to put in the time and effort to do quality work. What did I do?

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… and Get Paid Well for It

August 5th, 2012


Dietzel plays at Bookcasting. For Free…

I have two questions for you. What do you really love doing? What was your first step towards getting well paid for doing the thing you love? Write your answer to one or both in the comment field. I will answer now:

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Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson

July 23rd, 2012


You should read this book because it contains true stories from Steves life. Relationships with friends and especially employees. Why did the people around Steve accomplish such fantastic product development feats?

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Tell People About Your Job

January 16th, 2012


Just a few people gets paid to beat up bad guys.

People should do more of the work they are really good at. Soon you are going to practice in the wild. I will now explain how I practice, but first a little practice at home. I have just introduced myself to a young woman and quickly explained what I do at work. Then I focus on her. She tells me what she really likes about her job. She is making a living as an unlicensed boxer. That is, she does illegal bare knuckle boxing matches, and makes money from the audience doing illegal gambling. She tells me what the work really entails and what the most important skills are. I am listening between the lines for something she is not happy about. In other words her unmet need. I have three questions lined up: Read more

The benefits of being in play

December 10th, 2011


Here is my favourite quote from the book:

When you finally stop sitting around thinking and get into motion, wonderful things happen. Firstly, you get lots of feedback – both internal and external. The external feedback is about what you´re good at and what you´re not so good at. The internal feedback is how it felt, what you enjoyed and what you didn´t. Record it all.

The other thing is that once you´re in motion, the view is completely different. Just like the view is different for the person who gets on the train compared to the person who stays behind on the platform. In transit all sorts of opportunities present themselves that aren´t visible when you´re sitting at home researching on google. You run into people who can help you on your project; you get recommendations for books you can read and websites you can use, and people ask you to help them with their projects. You might even make some money before you´ve really tried to!

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