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How I Install Stripe Checkout in a landingpage from

September 15th, 2018


How I install Stripe Checkout in a landingpage from, 8 easy to follow screenshots.


1 Click “+” after “Choose a Starting Point” in and after buying carrd Pro for $9 / year (yup, per year).

Install Stripe Checkout in



2 Click “Widget”

Install Stripe Checkout in



3 Change nothing, the Stripe Checkout comes automagically

Install Stripe Checkout in



4 Write amount, choose currency, write your button label and click “require shipping address”.

Install Stripe Checkout in



5 Translate the success and failure messages.

Install Stripe Checkout in



6 Copy/paste your publishable key and your secret key from Stripe.

Install Stripe Checkout in



7 Don’t use live keys like I just did. Use test keys.

Install Stripe Checkout in



8 Click “View test keys”

Install Stripe Checkout in



9 You are good to go out testing on your friends. It is free for them and free for you. 😺👍

Test the Stripe Checkout

I recommend testing the Stripe Checkout on real people. The Stripe Checkout is easy to use for customers and it is good for you to take a look at the test data. Test out different prices and different products on different people. Testing is good for you.


Set up a Stripe account to get Stripe Checkout

I will take some screenshot on how easy it is to set up a Stripe account.


Tutorial by the Great Gatsby.js Team

If you are curious what tutorial I have used in my screenshots it is from the great Gatsby.js team. Check out the tutorial here. Gatsby.js, blazing-fast static site generator for React. Follow them on twitter @gatsbyjs, UX researcher @shannonb_ux Lead dev @jlengstorf and the founder @kylemathews


Easy to use landingpages at

Follow the mysterious founder on twitter @ajlkn


Stripe is a global technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet

Follow them on twitter @stripe and the CEO @patrickc . Or read a little more about Stripe here:

The Cloud 100
The definitive ranking of the private companies to know in tech’s hottest sector. This list of breakout cloud companies ranges from bootstrapped giants to venture capital startup darlings


Ola function in Gatsbyjs plugin to Use Async Await

August 4th, 2018


I am helping on a Gatsbyjs plugin to pull in for example a photo from instagram with the instagram oembed api. I am working on a function.

Refactor fetchOembedProviders and fetchOembed to use async / await

Remove the use of .then() and use async/await instead on the fetchOembedProviders and fetchOembed functions in the helper.js file.

How To Use Async Await in a function?

To Use ‘await’ I need to mark the function with ‘async’ so that inside that function I can ‘await’ values. Says Wes Bes, at least that is what I am hearing from Wes Bos video 69 on es6 (buy the Wes Bos es6 video course here for $139)


I did not know where in the function to put the ‘async’ so I just tried out a couple of things. Here is one thing I tried, to wrap the function in an ‘ola’ function and let that ‘ola’ function be ‘async’. Then inside that ‘ola’ function I can ‘await’ values.


Gatsbyjs plugin

What if I wrap the function in an ‘ola’ function to Use Async Await?
If so:

  • where does the ‘async’ go?
  • where does the ‘await’ go?