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Si ditt mingle-pitch til et speil


The point of the minglepitch is listening. So it must be short. One sentence is good. Two sentences, not so good. Three or more unprepared and detailed senteces, Bad.

Here is a poem:

The mingle pitch

You want the other person to feel safe and start talking.

That is why you need to practice at home,

so that even though you are

nervous as hell, the other person

cannot tell.


Mingle Training is Doing, Not Reading. Let´s Go!

  • Practice saying your mingle pitch in front of the mirror 5 times. Alone.
  • Listen to your tone of voice and volume.
  • Observe you body language.
  • Make eye contact with yourself.
  • Practice saying your mingle pitch in front of the mirror 5 more times. Alone.
  • Now it is time to practice saying your mingle pitch with your training buddy.
  • Practice listening to what your training buddy is saying no matter how unimportant it is. Let your listening show with your body language.



You have successfully completed your training session of mingle technique D. What Do you Do at work?.

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