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February 1st, 2012


I am reading from Neuropath for a little over 20 minutes here:

Drinking scotch with a killer?

Neuropath vs Best Served Cold

My two favorite fantasy authors. Bakker and Abercrombie. Tribute to revenge. What happens if the smartest person in the book is a cold eyed killer an has unfinished business with the powers to be?

The message is written large in blood! But blood is not enough for Uncle Cass. He has a message more subtle than death and more terrifing than … Bakkers book is set on the American east coast. I lived there for a while some years back. And i felt it. Under the american good nature lurks the fear of the killers hidden among us The polite psychos and the spooks working for the governement. So who do you trust when you must make a choice? The psycho you know or the feds you don´t know. When they show up in your house within the same 24 hours

Thomas Bible a newly divorced psychology professor and his to small children are the center of this story. Their only safe haven the gay neighbour. A athletic and humoristic sometimes dragqueen named Mia.

Thomas understands what is going on. But he hasn´t got a clue how to stop his best friend from literally tinkering with his victims brains.

In abbercromies story we are on the other side, hiding in the shadows. The protagonist is also this time a friend of the architect of murders. Doing his best to help her.

A young lady. Scarily capable and very very angry. For abercromie fans we will recognize a few of the peole, but mostly the cast is brand new.

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