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Is Your Business Lucky by Design?

January 26th, 2012




Beth has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow. Including me. She helped us understad how our customers think and what our customers see as valuable and fun. Beth furthermore helps us use that knowledge to create targeted sales and marketing programs that drive revenue growth while increasing profitability and customer loyalty. All these years of front line experience have been packed into this book. It is very hands on.

A Few Soundbites

Your elevator pitch must be performed well, here I read some tips from “Lucky By Design.”

Here is the interview the author did with me about commenting on other business owners blogs. And how to get more comments on your own blog (read from page 177 in the book by Ola Vea):

Get more comments on your blog.

An endorsement by Peter R. RussoDirector, Entrepreneurship Programs – Boston University School of Management

Putting the book to use

I used the book as inspiration while i wrote and rehearsed the questions I ask people about their needs.

Get Lucky by Design:

  • Buy the book right now.
  • Meet me in the cafés and backstreets around Rodeløkka and I might give you “Lucky by Design” for free.

Got a package from Beth today :-D I will give these away.

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