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Introvert Thursday: 5 Mingle Techniques You May Practice Alone

January 14th, 2013


If you have introverted thraits, do you benefit from “arming” yourself with preparation before going into the mingle “war”?

Thursday I will meet a group of hand picked individuals who have reached a decision. A deliberate decision to practice mingling weekly. They wish to exercise their mingle technique to improve it. Why? Let me ask you this first. Last time you walked into a room crowded with strangers did you think something along the lines of “Geez! Who are all these People?!” Let me ask you one more question. Do you think you would have felt better if you had exercised your mingle technique before throwing yourself into the mingle “war”? If you are the type who like to be prepared, read on!

These 7 mingle warriors have made up their minds to practice their mingling technique in the right way. To learn the most from the mingle practice. That is why we start by putting together a program for the training.

Self Training Program Designed for Scandinavians With Introverted thraiths Who Want to Improve the Quality of Their Mingle Technique

At the core of our program is self training alone. Solid research on the best chess players and violinists have shown that right technique is learned through “deliberate practice” alone. The research further shows how the great violinists spent most of their music-related time practicing in solitude: 24.3 hours a week. Read more about this and other research about introverts in Susan Cain´s book «Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can´t Stop Talking». Susan Cain thinks these hours alone are crucial for the best to become the best. Our goal is not to make you the best, but to train efficiently using the best training methods. Learn from how the best are training.

5 Mingle Techniques

Our 7 mingle samurais have made space in their calendars for our weekly Mingle Training Program. The program has 5 mingle techniques to practice:

  1. Practice saying your name, like you mean it.
  2. Practice your mingle pitch, in a way so you look and sound like yourself.
  3. Practice meeting a new person, in a way that makes her feel safe.
  4. Practice fast follow up.
  5. Practice sharing useful, non-selling information.

Prepare at Home for Mingle Training on Rodeløkka

The 7 have prepared at home by thinking about people to share useful information with. They have each written the names of three people in an email and sent it to me a week before we meet. Knowing who you are going to share with, makes it easier to find the information you are going to share.

Do a little now, learn a little now

Who do you wish to share information with? You may write the three first names you think of in an email to yourself. Then go about your business for two days with this question grinding in the back of your head:


  • What is the smallest piece of information I have read these last two weeks that may be experienced as useful to the first person on my share list?

Next time you find a little nugget of useful information, paste the link into your share list in your favorite note taking tool. Congratulations! You have successfully completed your first training session of mingle technique number 5 “Practice sharing useful, non-selling information.” Central to mingle technique number 5 are two lists you need to start right now:

  • “The Mingel List,” with names.
  • “Information  Sharing List,” with links to little nuggets of useful information.

Share With the Other Readers Now

Write a comment about one of your own experiences with mingle training at home or with others. Maybe someone you just met shared useful information with you? Tell us! I await your story with exitement and promise to answer your comment within 47.5 hours. If you don´t have a story, please give me feedback on the content of this blogpost. What is unclear? A new mingle training blogpost will come in february. Have a good month of mingle training:-D



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