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What is Mingle Technique Training?

The 5 mingle techniques: say your name, say your mingle-pitch, practice listening, send mingle-mail, find another useful link.

This introduction page is not very useful right now. We appologize. We will need your help to make it short and clear. One way to help is write the questions you have in the comments field below. Here is a test text.


Tenker du at bare har 45 minutter i uka du kan bidra med mingling? Da bør du starte mingletreningen i dag. Fordi jo tidligere du starter å utvikle mingleteknikkene dine, jo bedre er sjansen for at du klarer å oppnå resultater før sommerferien. Start nå. Tenk på et sted i nærheten du kan være alene og trene. Klikk deg inn her og start med å øve på hvordan du sier navnet ditt. Det tar bare 45 minutter.


Some introverts wear armor when they go out, but most don´t. Those without armor are sometimes hard to spot.

This Mingle Method is About Introverts

The core of this mingle method is to approach every person as if that person is an introvert. This is easy to say and hard to do. Practice, practice practice and observe yourself. Do you have a short story about one time you did your best to have a good conversation with an introvert. For example focusing on listening well or giving meaningful contributions? What did you observe in your own behavior? Why not tell us the story? Write in the comments field, in norwegian if you like, but please don´t mention anybodys names.

This mingle app is an experiment

Our “Lean Start Up” Plan:

  1. Build
  2. Measure
  3. Learn

We are trying to learn how to help you and those like you to start training your minlge techniques on your own. We have some assumptions about what kind of information you need to get started. Let us know what works for you and not. We measure by reading the comments that you write on each page and looking at the number of “views” we get on each page. Then we rebuild this mingle app as we see fit. You may read about some of our progress in validating our learning on this page.

Why is This Mingle App in English?

Some people have asked me why we use english as language to help norwegians improve their mingle technique. I tell them this. People who know how to read english are watching us, are watching YOU. It is what you do right NOW that matters. You have a choice between two clear options.

  1. Will you choose to act now to inspire your network and this global audience by acting now to improve your minlge technique?
  2. Will you choose to let the global audience, your own network and yourself down by procastinating your mingle technique training to some other day? 

Maybe waiting for some other person to give you inspirtation. Some other person like me. You don´t need me. YOU can be the inspiration. You can be the LEADER, first you must practice saying your name like a leader.

Help Us

Please help us make this app useful for people like you. Write about your first impression in the comments field below. This introduction page might be the last page we finish. Do you have any key words you would like covered? Do you have examples from good introductions in other apps? Skriv gjerne på norsk hvis du foretrekker det.

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