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Glossary of Introverted Mingle Practice

January 14th, 2012


Mingle Practice: Training the five mingle skills of:


Alone in a safe place and soon with others.


Mingle Pitch training: From the old term “elevator pitch” (Am English.) our inheritance from the 20th-century practice of training for the chance elevator meeting with The Right Venture Capitalist to investment in your fledling technolohy start up. Every person you met was a potential sparring partner.


Mingle Pitch training includes three elements:

Acting out a practiced script about what you do in a short, concise and targeted manner to make your audience of one curious.

Then listening intently to the response from the audience to try to understand if you have indeed pieked her curiousity.

If you have, ask an open ended question to get her talking about herself and her goals. This way you build up the tension and her curiosity instead of taking away the tension by revealing your story too early. You also learn about her and thus what part of your story will satisfy her curiosity the most.


These methods instruct us in using the introverts two most powerful communication tools intent listening and polite but challenging questions. The mingle pitch itself is to set the stage for the sharing of knowledge back and forth


Mingle Warrior: One who aspires to actively share and receive knowledge for the benefit of others.

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  1. January 14th, 2013

    I haven´t tried this way of Migle Pitch before. Thanks for the tip! I will try it and give you a feedback on how it went.

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