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Practice Saying Your Name

Look and sound like yourself when you say your name. Even though you are nervous.

Mingle Training is Doing, Not Reading. Let´s Go!

  • Go somewhere near where you will not be seen or heard by others.
  • Practice saying your name in front of a mirror 5 times. Alone.
  • If you don´t have a mirror right now, practice saying your name out loud 5 times. Alone.
  • Listen to your tone of voice and volume.
  • Observe you body language.
  • Make eye contact with yourself.
  • Practice saying your name in front of the mirror 5 more times. Alone.
  • Now it is time to practice saying your name with a friend or family member. Tell them you are practicing.
  • When you practice saying your name to a stranger observe yourself to see if you perform your name the same way as you do in front of the  mirror and with friends.


You have successfully completed your training session of mingle technique number 1 “Say Your Name To the Mirror”. Now you may spend two minutes assesing yourself.

Read more about mingle technique in this norwegian blogpost: 5 mingletriks du lærer på 15 minutter foran speilet, or this english blogpost: Say your name like James Bond

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