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You Are Not Normal

July 13th, 2012


We are not normal.

In the good old days you could make a normal product, spend a boat load of money on marketing. The mass market would buy your product and you would make a killing!

You can FORGET this plan today, according to Seth Godin. Now we are all weird. Nobody is normal anymore. For my own part I must say, I do not feel normal. That is a chief reason why I am not willing to buy your boring normal product. Even at gun point. In his book We Are All Weird, Seth Godin talks more about this. In the Bookcasting Podcast Tom Erik and I discuss why you should read Seths book. I am sad to say it is only available in norwegian language. If you are english speaking check out this episode about Steve Jobs.

Who Cares?

Why is weirdness important to you? Because the most important people in YOUR life are also weird. Your children, your boss and last but not least your best customers. Treating them with respect means respecting their weirdness. Non of your customers are the same. The significance of this is that you now have several one on one customer relationships. You need to develop skills and systems to handle these relationships. This requires some thinking and a lot of acting. You cannot have an ad agency do all your marketing anymore. You must get out on the internets yourself and meet customers. Even if you are the CEO or just a secretary. We, the customers want to see real people, not ad agency operators and avatars. Nobody can learn these skills for you.

What Can You Do?

  1. Ask meaningful questions of your readers for them to answer in the comments of your blog.
  2. Comment on other peoples blog
  3. Send your boss to facebook. Make sure she/he has a profile and force her/him to write some comments on this page here:

Buy We Are All Weird by clicking on the picture below and read more about why you are weird.

Don´t click on Smirre. You will only be lead to the same picture of Smirre again. He was my secret side kick for this episode, and though he tries to hide it he is a little bit weird.

I also love this Seth Godin book: Purple Cow. Have your read it? Are you weird? Pleas let me know in the comments below.



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