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Food Riot Response Unit

January 25th, 2016



Little Lillian helped me a lot with this doodle. Here is what happened:

I had made a doodle of one legionary and put him in the scanner. Looking at the scan I realized the doodle was no good and I needed to make a new one. Bummer!


At that moment little Lillian decided to practice her xerox skills. My first legionary was still in the scanner, so when Lillian pushed the green button she xeroxed him. With a great smile she pulled the paper copy from the machine.

That got me thinking. Hmm… What if I use my scissors on this little solider instead of making a new one from scratch?

While I was dismembering the legionary, Lillian xeroxed him 9 more times!

“That´s it then.” I thought. “Now I MUST use the copies.” I scissored out and taped together a 9 man unit and put it in the scanner and called it a night.


The next day we were preparing to receive the neighbors for our ritual monday dinner. Lillian got excited by the preparations and started xeroxing. I discovered her when she had emptied the paper tray, she had made a nice pile of papers around her feet. Follow this link to the video of little Lillian when I found her and the copies of my legionary unit.

Food Riot Response Unit from Ola Vea on Vimeo.

Map of My Roma

January 23rd, 2016




I will find names for the streets in the Aventine.