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Doodles For the Lilly Labs Newsletter

February 10th, 2016


I made some doodles yesterday.




Kick Technique

January 1st, 2014


A youtube video about a kicking technique you may use even with an injured knee is totally ok as long as Ola sends it soon.


Ola will be sending the first mingle message the first chance he gets. Ola knows for every hour he waits, the risk increases that he will not send that mingle message. Ola is known to have sent a mingle message with his phone while the person is still standing beside him watching with a smile.

Your best choice is to send a mingle message now, or risk not sending it ever.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 22nd, 2013


In january I will publish the blogpost “15 Minutes Training in Front of a Mirror Will Help You Confidently Meet New Contacts in the New Year.”

It is based on feedback from friends on my most popular norwegian blogpost. Those I have talked to who have taken the 15 minutes to apply the training have seen good results. Here is a rough translation of that blogpost published january last year:

Say your name like James Bond would have said it

Kill Kittens on the Internet and Face the Consequences

October 18th, 2013


Photo of black kitten with wings and little white fangs.

Photographer unknown, click photo for link.

Every time you send SPAM a kitten dies on the internet.
The Bat Cat is a night time animal prowling the internet for evil doers. Those that kill kittens will get a visit by the bat cat one night. The bat cat will settle patiently into the kitten killer’s phone. The phone will one day start running slowly and really irritate the kitten killer.

The Bat Cat is sculpture of a winged cat.

Support the Bat Cat, buy a sculpture at $24.00. Click the photo, click “Sculpture”, scroll down.

Bat Cat knuckle ring 398.53 NOK

Hit evil doers in the mouth with this Bat Cat knuckle ring 398.53 NOK. Click the photo.

Practice Your Mingle Technique? There is an app for that!

January 28th, 2013


This is a picture of icons I have printed on paper and cut out with scissors. It might not look pretty, but it IS old school. It is the kind of thing I did back in kindergarten. Do you wonder why I did this now? Ask about that or other things in the comments below. I will answer within 47 hours.

For some time now I have dreamt of writing av book. So why is it I find myself having started making an app instead? What can I say? I don´t really know why yet. Join me in making this app and maybe after a while you will understand why it is worth doing?

Maybe I Don´t Know WHY, But I Do Know What

If we succeed in making a useful app, I know WHAT we will have created together. A way to make it easier to practice mingle techniques, alone. I will explain later why it is beneficial for you to practice mingle techniques alone. Let me just say this.

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