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(Book 1, Contents in Chronological Order:)  

Title: … (The Way of The Scandinavian Mingle Ninja, Ninjutsu For Scandinavian Minglers, Mingling for Introverts in Greater Scandinavia, Five Years of Mingling in Greater Scandinavia and on the East Coast of The United States, The Scandinavian Way of Mingling, The Way of The Scandinavian Mingle Samurai, The Way of The Mingle Samurai)

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Online Price:  $8.98 = 49,47 NOK or $14.58 = 80,31 NOK

Pre-publishing Date: friday January 25. 2013

Publishing Date: friday August 23. 2013

Republishing Date 1: friday October 18. 2013

Republishing Date 2: friday April 18. 2014


About the Author

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Rights Page

To …



Author´s Note: This is an interactive book. Please contribute research, stories, feedback, comments, drawings, videos, pictures and money. Food and red wine will be appreciated as contributions. Unmannered, abusive or offensive language is not ok. If you decide to sabotage in any way the work of my people or me, we will answer with the force I deem appropriate. Manners are not optional in our digital neighborhood.

The book will be written simultanously in Norwegian and English.

Legend: … Means: missing words. () Means: This might have to go


Thank you for buying this book. I will now ask you to buy three more books.

The three books are:

Instead of rewriting the wheel so to speak I will recommend that you buy these three books in decent quantity and hand them off to employees, customers, family members and your competition.

The last three parts of this book is devoted to each of these books. I read out loud some quotes and I … Do not be decieved, you will need to read these three books at some point, why delay? Every hour you do business without having read these books you are loosing money. Buy them now:

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, audio version from

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses [Kindle Edition]

The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It [Kindle Edition]


PART ONE: … Mingling …

1. …   

2. …

3. …

4. …

5. 5 grunnleggende mingleteknikker for skandinaver med noen introverte trekk. A video in Norwegian:


PART TWO: 5 Mingle Techniques You May Practice Alone / ABCDE of Mingling in Greater Scandinavia

A. Mingle Technique A (Number 5): Practice sharing useful, non-selling information.

A1. …
A2. …

A3. … (

A4. … Logg Book of Learning

B. Mingle Technique B (Number 4): Practice fast follow up.

B1. … email e-postmal

B2. … Book    Bok

B3. …     ( )

B4. … Logg Book of Learning


C. Mingle Technique C (Number 3): Practice meeting a new person, in a way that makes her feel safe.

C1. …  ( )

C2. …

C3. …

C4. … Logg Book of Learning


D. Mingle Technique D (Number 2): Practice your mingle pitch, in a way so you look and sound like yourself.

D1. … ( )

D2. … Logg Book of Learning


E. Mingle Technique E (Number 1): Practice saying your name, like you mean it.

E1. …

E2. … Logg Book of Learning


PART THREE: Books Given Away / Sharing is Caring

11. … Pics of People With Their New Book

12. …

13. Chapters that have not yet made it into this Book: , Star-Leonards book “How to retire in 12 months”

PART FOUR: Introvert or Ekstrovert  ? From “Quiet”  ? From “Networking…” ? ? ?

PART FIVE: What is Marketing and Sales that Works?
Commitment Engine

A reading from the book The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worth It by John Jantsch.
Buy the book here:

The Ultimate Measure of Marketing Success

13 min 45 sec

Patterns of Commited Teaching

4 min 37 sec

Perceptive Listening

6 min 25 sec

Glossary of Marketing and Sales that Might Work in Greater Scandinavia (S, N, DK, F and Iceland (Balticum?))


PART SIX: How Do You Measure Your Learning and Innovation?

The Lean Start Up

How Innovation Accounting Works – Three Learning Milestones

9 min 02 sec
A reading from the book The Lean Start Up, How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries. Buy it here:
Innovation Accounting is an important part of Measure. As in Build, Measure, Learn.
Listen to our a discussion about the Lean Start Up on out Bookcasting Podcast:
Eric Ries is one of my favorite authors. If you want to learn about innovation methods you should read his book.

5 Ways The Obama Campaign Was Run Like A Lean Startup in Fast Company

Bookcasting Episode 14: Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup

Experiment First: Real Customer Feedback = $$ not words
Glossary of How You Measure Your Learning and Your Organizations Innovation

PART SIX: Educational Method
Ola Vea Method 1

01 min 47 sec

Ola Vea Method 2

03 min 09 sec



A Note on the dedication

A Note on the Words … and …





Mind Maps


Meta Notes: look for structure with other authors, Kindle



Review Quotes From Other Authors

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