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A Social Venture

February 29th, 2012



My hypothesis is:

Young people from wealthy families in Scandinavia are willing to meet social entrepreneurs at a conference on Benedicte´s farm in Sweden. If they meet the youngsters will be inclined to invest.

To test the hypothesis, this is what I will do:

  1. I will obtain a list of youngsters from wealthy Scandinavian families
  2. Find people I know who know them
  3. Get introduced by e-mail
  4. Call them up
  5. If I know nobody who knows them, call them up anyway.
  6. Ask if it is okay that I send them an invitation to the conference.
  7. Invite important young social entrepreneurs and organizers of good projects that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Inspiration for this blogpost was The Lean Startup a book by Eric Ries. We will go live about this book on the Bookcasting Podcast on wednesday. Click here to buy the book, and I will get a dollar.

What do you think about my experiment? Do you know about a worthy person/project/venture I can invite?

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