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A. shAre + Help Make App

ShAre a little to show you cAre,

-not to sell or recruit


You goal is to help a person in some way that person wants to be helped. For example share a tiny bit of your professional knowledge for free.

(A short story about you. Like this:

Once this young lady sent me a link about BLANK. I read the article and thought “well this is actually a tiny winy,  little  bit useful for me right now. Not much, just a little. That was a nice gesture to send me this article about BLANK. I think she actually cares a little about how I am doing.”

Recognize this story? Have somebody shared with you? Please write “yeah I do have a story almost like this” in the comments field and fear not, I will not get in touch with you, yet. First we need to gather many stories to choose among. And we will take care of your anonymity. No names will be connected to the stories. We will gather the names of people who can handle the fame in the “Helpers and Heros” page in the app.)


Mingle Training is Doing, Not Reading. Let´s Go!

  • What is the smallest piece of information you have read these last two weeks that may be experienced as useful to the first person on your list in mingle technique “C. Contact”?


Find a small bite of a little bit useful non-selling / non-recruiting information
from a field of knowledge you know well. Will a person who know very little about you field still find the information useful? Or will it be totally incomprehensible?

(A promt to click the the “A. shAre” button down on the mingle training bar will show up i the app. Since we are in the alpha version the exercise to practice will be right here, like it is above.)

(What should we call the button leading to this page? Please write a suggestion in the comment field below. We want as many suggestions as possible. Then we will look at the list of suggestions and make a decision. If your suggestion makes it into the app, you might get your name in the “Helpers and Heros” page in the app. Fame awaits you, write down your first thought.)

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