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Learn Adobe Illustrator – 13 steps to color your drawing for use on your blog

August 5th, 2013


1. To open your drawing, click FILE, then OPEN. Find your drawing.

2. Click on your drawing.


3. Somewhere above your drawing there is a button called IMAGE TRACE click it.
4. Now click EXPAND.


5. Hold the CTRL button down while clicking on your drawing. You will get a drop down menu. Click UNGROUP. If you cannot find UNGROUP try RELEASE COMPOUND PATH.


6. Click on the part of the drawing you wish to be green.


7. Somewhere on the left you find a white square to click.


8. Write CCCC00 for the green color we use in Lilly Apps. Or feel free to click on a color you like.


9. NO! My fridge is grey! That is why steps 10 and 11 are necessarry:


10. Somewhere on the right there is a symbol like this. Click it.


11. Click the little square with little lines on it. Now click RGB.


12. You have a green fridge!

13. Thank you for reading “Ola learns Adobe Illustrator. – 13 steps to color your drawing for use on your blog.” Please urge someone you know to make a drawing and publish it on the interwebz, it is healthy. But first, make a drawing yourself. Do it NOW! Let me see the drawing, it will make me happy.

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  1. May 28th, 2014

    Absolutely first rate and coptbr-eotpomed, gentlemen!

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